Terms And Conditions

1. Lesson Payments

1.1 All lessons must be paid for in full before the first lesson by at least 48 hrs. I accept PayPal payment only.

1.2 Lesson fees will not be refunded for illness, missed, or forgotten lessons, or lessons cancelled by student/parents and catch up lessons will not be offered, except in exceptional circumstances (i.e students taking exams).

1.3 One lesson lasts 1hr. One lesson costs £20. A minimum booking is four lessons at £80.

1.4 Pre-paid lessons are valid for a month and a half, meaning if there is longer than a 6 week gap between you taking your last lesson, payment is due again.

1.5 I do not offer refunds. Once you have paid for lessons the payment is seen as final and is non-refundable regardless of reason, thanks.

2. Cancellation Policy

2.1 If you give me more than 48 hrs notice of a scheduled lesson cancellation, you will not be charged. If however I have less than 48 hrs notice you will still be charged in full regardless of reason.

2.2 You can only notify me of a cancellation by calling ot texting, email is not acceptable. I will always acknowledge a cancellation request, if you don't receive a cancellation receipt it means I have not received it.

2.3 I require 1 month's notice if a student wishes to leave DHLearning. If no such notice is given, an administration charge of £50.00 will be payable.

2.4 Fee increases may apply, notice will be given around May every year.

3. Age and nationality

3.1 I only teach adults aged 18 years and older, I do not teach children.

3.2 I do not teach students who were born or reside in: Belgium, China, Cambodia, Northern Cyprus, Russia, Northern Ireland and Vietnam.